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Are you looking to cut marketing costs without sacrificing your results?

Download our free whitepaper to learn how American in-house marketers like you save up to 40% on agency fees by taking advantage of the U.S. and Canadian exchange rates.

We know that you're working hard to save time and money, while still trying to support your bottom line and stay engaged with your customers. Things have changed, but you don't need to go back to the drawing board, you just need to go north.

Exchange Rates,
Not Quality​


You probably know that the Canadian dollar is only worth a fraction of the American dollar, but did you know that Canadian agencies also tend to have lower hourly rates than American agencies? This is another one of the reasons we can promise you fantastic work at 30 – 40% less than you're used to being charged by a U.S. agency.

That Good Cold Creativity

We're innovators, and not just when it comes to finding creative ways to stay warm. Much like you, we're used to putting our problem-solving skills to work from the dead of winter to the blistering heat of peak mosquito season – and our work shows similar range. Our agency has won national and international awards and we'd love your project to be the next one to take the spotlight.

We’re UpHouse, an international
award-winning Canadian marketing agency that’s ready to help you rescue your marketing budget. 

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