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This whitepaper maps out the process for articulating your position on supplier diversity and celebrating the people and companies who make your products and services possible. Alex Varricchio presented on this topic for the CGLCC Virtual Summit, watch the video.

Why invest in telling your supplier diversity story?


of Canadians want to hear about your supplier diversity story.


The sooner you start, the sooner you can stand out.

Promoting the work your brand does with diverse suppliers can improve public perceptions, while highlighting your company's commitment to inclusivity through authentic stories that your competitors can't tell.



People want to support positive change in the world.


When you invest in supplier diversity, you offer consumers the opportunity to contribute to this change.

of Canadians want to support companies who support supplier diversity.




Candidates choose employers that live their values.

It's not enough to list them in the employee handbook. Sharing your inclusive initiatives can both support your recruitment efforts and turn employees into ambassadors.

of Canadians think a supplier diversity program makes for a more desirable employer.


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“Supplier Diversity and Consumer Behaviour” Survey. Conducted by UpHouse. June 1, 2020.