Team Capacity Optimization

Level out your workload peaks and valleys. Use this program to put your team’s idle capacity to use and offset your marketing spend.

Team Capacity Optimization

A program that uses idle capacity to offset your marketing spend and shake up your team

Managing your in-house marketing team’s workload can feel like spinning plates – there are times of harmonious balance, times when things are too slow and times when you teeter over the edge. The traditional solutions are hiring, firing or managing contractors, but we believe there’s an easier way.

The UpHouse™ Team Capacity Optimization program gives you a way to level out the workload in your marketing year. When you’re busy, get access to skilled marketers at other UpHouse client organizations for short-term support. When you have idle capacity, get your marketing team members supporting other organizations. You can maximize your productivity, offset some marketing spend and shake up the workday for your team.

Giving team members the chance to explore different brands and projects can help keep them energized and interested in their work. Sometimes all people need is a small break from their usual routine to inspire fresh, creative thinking.

  • Through the Team Capacity Optimization program, we help ensure your resources are used as effectively as possible. We do the following:

    • Understand seasonal workload, ideally through the creation of an Annual Marketing Manual
    • Identify areas where you have idle capacity or need additional resources
    • Scope projects and match needs to available resources
    • Manage the process on behalf of both organizations
    • Maintain the integrity of the brand and marketing for both organizations
  • As a participant in the program, you will receive the following:

    • Detailed project brief outlining brand standards, deliverables and timelines, as well as all resources required to complete the work
    • Check-ins by UpHouse to ensure the work being supplied or procured is up to snuff
    • Final working files and all asset used in the project
    • UpHouse credit in exchange for hours completed by your employees