Use our team of seriously talented creative and technical people to produce an exceptional end-product.


Even the biggest in-house teams occasionally run into the following problems:

  1. They have a clear marketing strategy and an established brand, but they need help producing all of the required marketing materials.
  2. The team has a set of strengths, capabilities and expertise, but they need access to a new skillset to take the marketing where it needs to go.
  3. A high-stakes project is coming down the pipe, and they want to boost their quality standards to knock the project out of the park.

If you need to fill a gap in the execution of your marketing plan, or you want to raise the quality of work in particular areas, we are here to help. UpHouse™ works with a group of seriously talented designers, web developers, writers and digital marketers. We’re experienced in matching the right kind of people with the right kind of work.

We are skilled in handling the following marketing needs:

  • Content and Digital Marketing Development and Management
  • Website and Online Application Development
  • Video and Graphic Design
  • When you need an exceptional end-product, we roll up our sleeves and do the following:

    • Work with you to set the vision for the project and define the deliverables
    • Manage the project and the delivery of the final product in all of its glory
    • Ensure we are producing the materials that meet our plan and our concept
    • Meet project deadlines and achieve your quality standards
  • We will deliver the product in it’s final broadcast, publishing or web-ready format. We’ll also hand over the working files and support materials.