Personal Branding

In this workshop, participants build an authentic personal brand to power their marketing, attract customers and separate them from the competition.

Personal Branding

A workshop for people whose professional success hinges on their ability to market themselves.

What do business advisors, entrepreneurs, fitness instructors, hair stylists, home decorators, landscapers and politicians have in common? Their professional success hinges on their success in marketing themselves. For so many organizations, the owner’s personal brand is the business’s brand.

In this workshop, we’ll take participants through the process of building an authentic personal brand that they can use to power their marketing, attract customers and separate themselves from the competition.

UpHouse’s Personal Branding workshop can be delivered in one-hour, two-hour and half-day formats.

  • We’ll open the workshop by discussing what a brand is, how to apply branding to an individual and why a strong brand is essential to a business. Then, we’ll jump into the exercises:

    • Connecting to Customers quiz: Brands can connect to customers in one of four ways: quality, exclusivity, self-improvement or community. Participants will answer a quiz to identify the way they connect to their customers and uncover their brand personality.
    • Target Audiences exercise: Identifying target audiences allows us to be focused and strategic in our branding. Participants will imagine that their brand is a nightclub, and they’ll describe the club’s VIPs and patrons to uncover their target audiences.
    • Positioning exercise: Participants will answer What, How, Who, Where, Why and When for their brand to uncover their value proposition and craft a claim that only they can say and no competitor can duplicate.
    • Social Strategy exercise: We’ll discuss social media best practices and look at examples of social media influencers who are marketing themselves effectively. Participants will complete a worksheet to identify three themes for social content that they can use to build their personal brands.
    • Q&A session: We’ll open the floor for any brand and marketing questions, and if time and group size allows, chat with participants one-on-one.
  • Personal Branding workshop participants will receive the following:

    • An exercise book they can use to document their personal-brand findings
    • A worksheet to brainstorm their social media strategy
    • Opportunity to share their thinking and bounce ideas off of other participants
    • One-on-one time to discuss their personal branding challenges or goals with UpHouse team members