Marketing Manual

Get a robust marketing plan that you can implement with or without us, and achieve your sales and marketing goals for the year.

Marketing Manual

A robust marketing plan built to achieve your sales and marketing goals for the fiscal year

When you make your own marketing strategy, it can read like a laundry list. When an agency makes one, it reads like a proposal with expensive price tags. This may sound crazy, but UpHouse™ creates strategic marketing work plans that you can implement with or without us. Get everything you need for a successful year in one document.

We’ll work collaboratively with your marketing team to build the base of the marketing strategy. We’ll start by identifying key personas and mapping a conversion path for each one. Next, we’ll layer in the brand component, looking for the places we can tell our story, reward our tribe, redefine our category and pull away from the competition. Once we’ve landed on several key initiatives, we’ll set timelines and goals and look at the tactics required to roll them out internally and externally. Finally, we’ll evaluate the systems we can use to report on success metrics and make adjustments as needed.

  • To develop your Marketing Manual, we’ll collaborate to develop the following objectives and work plans:

    • Pin down the brand destination and capture it in a simple statement
    • Create detailed customer personas and map out their decision-making process
    • Identify the influencers and advocates
    • Map out persona paths and set goals for soft (engagement) and hard (purchase) conversions
    • Brainstorm ways to reinvent your category, start a movement or enrich the lives of customers
    • Brainstorm tactics to move our personas down the conversion path
  • We’ll deliver your highly-focused marketing plan in a digital and print format, and it will include the following items:

    • A Marketing Manual with final goals, objectives and personas
    • A list of specific tactics along with their key messages, creative considerations, success metrics and owners
    • A workback schedule identifying project teams as well as draft, approval, traffic and in-market dates