Marketing Manual Mini

Build a concentrated marketing plan to achieve specific success metrics in your next campaign or initiative.

Marketing Manual Mini

A concentrated marketing plan built to achieve the success metrics of your next campaign or initiative

Some initiatives or campaigns that take place throughout the year are significant enough that deserve their own marketing plan, customer conversion path and communications strategy. Marketing Manual Mini is similar to the full UpHouse™ Marketing Manual, but it is more narrow in scope. If your project needs to hit key success metrics, and you don’t need a robust marketing plan for the entire year, go Mini.

Through the Marketing Manual Mini, we’ll work together to get crystal clear on our strategic destination, its metrics and the customer actions needed to get us there. We’ll also brainstorm corresponding tactics, like content marketing, social media, advertising, events, sponsorships, outreach and channel modification. Then, we’ll package it into a detailed manual that you can use to implement the plan with or without the support of UpHouse.

  • To develop your Marketing Manual Mini, we’ll collaborate to achieve the following:

    • Set the destination for the campaign or initiative
    • Select key personas from your list and map out their decision-making process
    • Identify an uber target (often advocates and influencers) who can motivate our strategic targets to act
    • Map persona paths and set conversion goals along the path
    • Brainstorm tactics to achieve conversion goals
  • We’ll deliver your highly-focused marketing plan in a digital and print format, and it will include the following items:

    • A list of specific tactics along with their key messages, creative considerations, success metrics and owners
    • A campaign workback schedule identifying project teams as well as draft, approval, traffic and in-market dates