Incomparable Branding

Become incomparable in your product category to attract and retain customers and give your brand staying power.

Incomparable Branding

A process for building your brand platform and refreshing the visual identity

As the in-house marketing department, you are the primary stewards of your brand. You also have the most influence on how that brand is perceived by customers. Modern brands are more than quality guarantees or symbols of achievement. They are also shaping the customer’s identity and creating communities. The marketers who do this well can make their brand incomparable in its product category.

UpHouse™ Incomparable Branding starts with a collaborative workshop where we’ll build the brand platform and brainstorm ways to walk out our mission. We’ll also conduct an audit and provide recommendations on distinguishing your brand from competitors. If your logo needs a refresh, we’ll use the new brand platform to guide the design and expression.

If your organization is starting fresh, changing direction, merging or targeting a new audience, Incomparable Branding is a powerful tool to jumpstart your marketing and align your organization around a shared vision for your brand.

  • Through the branding process, we will work collaboratively to achieve the following:

    • Audit your brand and the competition
    • Story-fy the brand’s mission and reason for being
    • Define uber and strategic targets and the audience we are willing to alienate
    • Develop a set of key messages that appeal to the head and the heart
    • Write a rock-solid positioning statement and define brand personality
    • Brainstorm ways we will change the game to walk out the brand mission and purpose
    • If needed, update the logo and visual identity
  • The final brand platform could take the form of a book, an interactive webpage, a video or even a lunchroom installation. We’ll work with you to identify the best medium for your organization. It will include the following:

    • Brand platform with a narrative and the items described above
    • Brand guidelines with logo and visual identity
    • Inspiration for walking out the mission and purpose