Creative Recruitment Support

Invite us to your next interview. We’ll evaluate candidates for quality and fit, and then set you up for a successful onboarding process.

Creative Recruitment Support

A consulting and analysis service designed to help you hire great marketers

When hiring a new candidate for your in-house marketing team, choose someone with the personality to complement your culture, ability to understand your vision and skillset to bring it to life. It’s a lot to look for in an hour, so get another set of eyes and ears at the table.

Prior to starting UpHouse™, we built one of the largest creative departments in Manitoba. We’ve hired developers, animators, digital marketers, inbound marketers, social media managers, writers and designers in junior and senior roles. The work produced by this team helped clients achieve significant revenue goals, and it was recognized at industry award shows in Canada and the U.S.

You can build your own superstar team with a little help from UpHouse™.

  • The next time you’re hiring for your marketing team, invite us to the final round of interviews. We’ll support you with the following:

    • Interview questions designed to assess the three qualities of great marketers
    • Review of the candidate’s portfolio
    • Sit in on interviews and listen for all-star characteristics
    • Debrief following interviews to support you in making your final selection
    • Set a clear understanding of expectations and measures of success for the new hire
  • Identify superstar marketers and set them up for success during the critical first 90 days. It includes the following resources:

    • Supplemental interview questions
    • Candidate and portfolio scorecard
    • Worksheets to complete with the candidate on Day 1, 30, 60 and 90