Creative Director on Call

Raise your in-house marketing team’s quality of work. Get a creative director’s eyes on a project before it goes out the door.

Creative Director on Call

A consulting service that gives you access to an experienced creative director

Do you ever struggle to put your vision into words for your in-house marketing team? Do you feel like their quality standards are starting to slide? Do you know they could produce amazing work with a little more guidance?

Putting a good creative director at the helm of your in-house marketing department is often the solution to these challenges, but this role can cost you $100K+ in salary. Instead, access the expertise when you need it with an UpHouse™ Creative Director on Call.

Creative Director on Call is an ideal add-on to Incomparable Branding, Marketing Manual and Mini, Digital Visibility Plan and Big Idea Development. We can help you articulate the vision for your team, set clear expectations for quality, make recommendations on design, copy and concept, hold team members accountable to delivering on it and support them with feedback and encouragement.

  • Your Creative Director on Call will support you and your team by doing the following:

    • Articulate the vision of the campaign, brand or strategy for team members
    • Review work to ensure it matches vision
    • Provide direction to team members when revisions are needed
    • Ensure the work is on-brand and meets your quality standards
  • With Creative Director on Call, you will receive:

    • A framework of quality expectations for the campaign or project
    • Weekly/monthly review of work
    • Individual feedback on direction, content and design for team members, communicated over the phone or via Skype and followed up with email