Big Idea Development

Get a creative concept for your next campaign that will engage the hearts (and wallets) of your customers.

Big Idea Development

A process to generate an effective, strategic, award-winning concept for your ad campaign

You’ve seen it before – bad advertising with a big media buy. You’ve allocated thousands or even millions of your marketing budget to getting the best placements, but a junior person on your in-house marketing team develops the messaging and creative to broadcast.

Bad creative can negatively position your brand amongst competitors, but a strong creative campaign is an asset that you’ll have forever. Marketing has changed – but the power of a big, crazy, creative idea has not. It connects your brand’s position and promise to your audience’s heart in a way that means something. Don’t deny your brand this opportunity.

One of UpHouse’s™ core strengths is the development of great creative ideas. They speak to who you are, what your brand stands for and the promise you make to your audience. UpHouse Big Idea Development offers a well-structured and considered process that ensures we have turned over all the right rocks on our quest to find your great idea.

  • We will work collaboratively and independently to come up with a campaign that fits your brand and where you’re going.

    • Develop the creative brief and the Brief Back to ensure we are solving the right problem
    • Audit competitor advertising campaigns
    • Seed ideas from outside industries for inspiration
    • Brainstorm concepts from the angle of the purchaser, the influencer, the relationship connection and the ask
  • At the end of the process, we will give you the following:

    • A presentation with the recommended campaign concept and rationale, along with sample ads and direction for visuals and language
    • A brief plan outlining the steps to execute the campaign concept