What Does the Future of Cybersecurity in Canada Look Like?

A fashionable cybersecurity expert stands next to the TECHNATION and CareerFinder logos.

That’s the question we wanted to answer to launch TECHNATION’s CareerFinder, Canada’s first real-time industry labour market tool. The digital marketing campaign launched on October 1, the first day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, across Canada.

The concept speaks to two audiences:

  1. The students who will be leading the charge as Canada’s future cybersecurity experts. We asked students to “do something useful with the internet”- a concept that encourages young people with a passion for data and technology to use the CareerFinder tool to explore their future.

  2. The employers who need to hire cybersecurity experts. We focused on how important it is for Canadian business owners to have a plan to protect their data and how vulnerable they could be without a cybersecurity strategy.

For the campaign visuals, we conducted a photo and video shoot featuring students as our future cybersecurity experts as well as current cybersecurity experts who could be hired today. These experts were positioned as leaders who prioritize the online security of Canadian businesses and their data. This was meant to inspire tech savvy students to take on the task of protecting the internet while encouraging employers to hire an expert for just that task.

With the national digital marketing campaign, we used strategic targeting, leveraging TikTok and Facebook/Instagram, to reach students interested in tech and cybersecurity, while using specific job titles on LinkedIn to target business owners and hiring managers who may be looking for tech and cyber talent.

The campaign was a success – generating immense interest in the cybersecurity field. Since the beginning of the CareerFinder Campaign on October 1, we have had over 10,900 visitors to the cybersecurity pages on TECHNATION's website, which is more than a 2,500% increase from before the campaign started. This website visitors spanned across Canada, from Victoria to PEI and Yellowknife to Oshawa. Students and employers from all over Canada visited the pages to search job descriptions, salary ranges, etc., and the campaign reached of over 1.3 million screens across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google Search tactics.