Sustainability and Inclusivity are a Perfect Fit

The Métis owned clothing company Anne Mulaire has built its reputation for customized and sustainable clothing. It was pursuit of this goal which helped Andréanne Dandeneau, the owner of Anne Mulaire, realize that size-exclusivity was affecting their ability to progress.

"We believe that truly sustainable fashion requires everyone’s participation," Dandeneau said. "And right now the fashion industry is leaving people behind because of their size."

Having identified a need in the market, the Anne Mulaire team conducted extensive research on body types and fit, including a focus group with women where they learned the needs and challenges encountered when looking for inclusive sizes. Through their findings they discovered that although there are some options available, there is still a large gap to be filled by the fashion industry.

We were delighted to help Anne Mulaire promote the launch of inclusive sizing, ranging from XS - 6X, with a video concept that captures both the importance of inclusivity and the power of confidence and beauty in each and every body.

The #BetterFitBetterWorld campaign also aims to challenge the fashion industry and continue the conversation on the significant lack of good-quality clothing in larger sizes—an obstacle that has remained in place for women throughout the history of fashion.

“Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in the clothing that they put on.”

Learn more about the entrepreneurial spirit of Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau, discover how her clothing lines honour Canada’s French, Indigenous and Métis character and purchase your own piece of inclusive sustainable slow fashion at Anne Mulaire,