Become incomparable in your product category to attract 
and retain customers and give your brand staying power.

A process for building your brand platform and refreshing the visual identity.


As the in-house marketing department, you are the primary stewards of your brand. You also have the most influence on how that brand is perceived by customers. Modern brands are more than quality guarantees or symbols of achievement. They are also shaping the customer’s identity and creating communities. Marketers who do this well can make their brand incomparable in its product category.

UpHouse Incomparable Branding starts with a collaborative workshop where we’ll build the brand platform and brainstorm ways to walk out our mission. We’ll also conduct an audit and provide recommendations on distinguishing your brand from competitors. If your logo needs a refresh, we’ll use the new brand platform to guide the design and expression.


Whether your organization is starting fresh, changing  direction, merging or targeting a new audience,  Incomparable Branding is a powerful tool to jumpstart  your marketing and align your organization around a shared vision for your brand.



Get a creative concept for your next campaign that will 
engage the hearts (and wallets) of your customers.

A process to generate an effective, strategic, award-winning concept for your ad campaign.

You’ve seen it before – bad advertising with a big media buy. You’ve allocated thousands or even millions of your marketing budget to getting the best placements, but you lack the million dollar messaging or creative to broadcast.

Bad creative can negatively position your brand amongst competitors, while a strong creative campaign is an asset that you’ll have forever.

Marketing has changed – but the power of a big, crazy, creative idea has not. It connects your brand’s position and promise to your audience’s heart in
a way that means something. Don’t deny your brand this opportunity.

One of UpHouse’s core strengths is the development of outstanding creative ideas. They speak to who
you are, what your brand stands for and the promise you make to your audience. UpHouse Big Idea Development offers a well-structured and considered process that ensures we have turned over all the right rocks on our quest to find your great idea.



Use our team of seriously talented creative and technical 
experts to produce an exceptional end-product.

Even the biggest in-house teams occasionally run into the following problems:

  1. They have a clear marketing strategy and an established brand, but they need help producing 
    all of the required marketing materials.

  2. The team has a set of strengths, capabilities and expertise, but they need access to a new skillset
    to take the marketing where it needs to go.

  3. They have a high-stakes project coming down the pipe, but they need to boost their quality standards to knock the project out of the park.

If you need to fill a gap in the execution of your marketing plan, or you want to raise the quality of work in particular areas, we’re here to help. UpHouse works with a group of seriously talented designers, web developers, writers and digital marketers. We’re experienced matchmakers, linking the right kind of people with the right kind of work.

We are skilled in meeting the following marketing needs:

  • Content and Digital Marketing Development and Management

  • Website and Online Application Development

  • Video and Graphic Design



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