Get a robust marketing plan that you can implement with or without us, and achieve your sales and marketing goals for the year.

A robust marketing plan built to achieve your sales and marketing goals for the fiscal year.


When you make your own marketing strategy, it can read like a laundry list. When an agency makes one,
it reads like a proposal with expensive price tags. This may sound crazy, but UpHouse creates strategic marketing work plans that you can implement with
or without our support. Get everything you need for a successful year in one easy to follow document.

We’ll work collaboratively with your marketing team to build the base of the marketing strategy, starting with identifying key personas and mapping a conversion path for each one. Next, we’ll layer in the brand component, looking for the places we can tell your story, reward your tribe, redefine your category and pull away from the competition. Once we’ve landed on the key initiatives, we’ll set timelines and goals and look at the tactics required to roll them out internally and externally. Finally, we’ll evaluate the systems we can use to report on success metrics and make adjustments as needed.



A concentrated marketing plan built to achieve  success for your next campaign or initiative.

Some initiatives or campaigns that take place throughout the year, are significant enough that they deserve their own marketing plan, customer conversion path and communications strategy. Marketing Manual Mini is similar to the full UpHouse Marketing Manual, but it is narrower in scope. If your project needs to hit key success metrics, and you don’t need a robust marketing plan for the entire year, go Mini.

Through the Marketing Manual Mini, we’ll work together to get crystal clear on your strategic destination, its key metrics and the customer actions needed to get you there. We’ll also brainstorm the corresponding tactics, like content marketing, social media, advertising, events, sponsorships, outreach and channel modification. Then, we’ll package it into a detailed manual that you can use to implement the plan on your own or with the support of UpHouse.



Use digital channels to stay in view with marketing that delights, educates and rewards your customers.

A detailed plan to stay in view using digital marketing  that delights, educates and rewards customers.


Every organization is thinking about their online brand, and in-house marketers are often stuck in one of two quagmires: either the company thinks the website is good enough, or it simply wants to be on social media because the competitors are. It’s hard to know what success looks like in either situation. That’s where we can help.

A good digital strategy is like an inviting campfire that 
attracts users and then delights, retains and rewards them. We can help you define the kinds of users you want to attract, and then plan and build your campfire. We’ll look at the best digital platforms to carry your brand and then develop an integrated digital marketing plan around the capabilities of your team.


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