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Personal Branding

A branding workshop for entrepreneurs who are the face of their business

Are you constantly thinking about how you can market yourself better? Would you like to go through the process of building an authentic personal brand that you can use to attract customers and separate yourself from the competition? Then our Personal Branding workshop is for you.

In this workshop, we’ll lead you through three activities to define your personal brand.



Let’s explore the ways that you connect to customers beyond a single transaction. Doing so will turn them into loyal fans and advocates. We’ll work through an exercise to determine if you connect through quality, exclusivity, self-improvement or community.



It’s tempting to believe that we can sell our products and services to everyone. In reality, our time, money and resources are limited, so we need to be specific in who we target through marketing. We’ll work through an exercise to define your uber, strategic and unwanted customers.



If you operate in a competitive space, you need to tell customers what makes you different from their other options. We’ll work through an exercise to answer the five Ws and one H to create a statement that you can say and no competitors can duplicate.



  • Access to the 90 minute virtual workshop, which includes a mix of instruction and small-group breakout discussions moderated by an UpHouse branding expert

  • PDF Personal Branding workbook and inspiration cards

  • Access to your branding experts for follow-up questions via email



Fill out the form to stay in the loop. Our next Personal Branding workshop will take place in April 2021.

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Alex Virricchio and Kiirsten May

Alex Varricchio and Kiirsten May are the owners of UpHouse, an award-winning marketing firm in Canada.


They are also the authors of the leadership and marketing book, The Proximity Paradox, which Publishers Weekly deemed "Innovative. It's a much-needed perspective on how to escape inside-the-box thinking." 

Learn more about the Proximity Paradox and how to overcome it, here.


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