In this workshop, participants build an authentic personal brand to power their marketing, attract customers and separate them from the competition.

A workshop for people whose professional success
hinges on their ability to market themselves.

What do business advisors, entrepreneurs, fitness instructors, hair stylists, home decorators, landscapers
and politicians all have in common? Their professional success hinges on their success in marketing themselves. For so many organizations, the owner’s personal brand is the business’s brand.

In this workshop, we’ll take participants through
the process of building an authentic personal brand that they can use to drive their marketing, attract customers and differentiate themselves
from the competition.


UpHouse’s Personal Branding workshop can be delivered in one-hour, two-hour and half-day formats.



Engage a larger network of creative professionals to help solve your  business challenge, or participate in a session for another company.

A diverse team organized to generate fresh, new ideas that can solve your business challenge.


One of the difficulties in-house marketing teams face is insular thinking. This isn’t a result of an inability to think big picture, but rather a symptom of their proximity to the problems they are trying to solve. We find one of the best ways to develop solutions and ideas is to bring different perspectives to the table.

UpHouse Cross-Business Brainstorming brings together marketing and creative professionals from different industries and specialities to solve business challenges. As the subject, you’ll get focused attention on your challenge and new ideas. As a participant, you’ll get a break from your work routine and discover new ways of thinking. These sessions can even inspire new opportunities for your own businesses.



Our Creative Bootcamp will light a fire in the bellies of your in-house  marketing team and help them develop new, highly-original creative concepts.

A one-day workshop that energizes people and generates piles of valuable ideas. Are people born creative, or can it be trained? One of the world’s foremost Creative Directors once said that only select people, whose brains are wired in an unusual way,
can come up with really creative ideas.

We think otherwise. Anyone can be creative, and in fact great ideas often spring from unexpected places. We simply need to create the time and space for creativity to happen. The UpHouse Creative Boot Camp is the spark that will ignite a fire in the bellies of your in-house marketing team, helping them develop new, highly-original creative concepts.



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