Kids suddenly have a tough job to do. They have to stay home, stay away from school and their friends, and try not to disrupt any of their parents who are working from home. But any job is a little easier when it has purpose.

Frontline Friends is a collection of stories and colouring book illustrations of real people who are out there doing important things, while a kid’s important job is to stay home and keep people like them safe.


The stories create empathy for frontline workers, explain their jobs to kids, and thank kids for making their jobs a little easier by staying safe.

We encourage kids to colour their Frontline Friends, talk to their parents about their stories, and share with us along the way (tagging us at @uphouseinc).


Many of the stories and illustrations are inspired by real friends of UpHouse, others were sent our way from wonderful friends like you. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this initiative!


When you stay safe, you protect the Frontline Friends who protect you and me.

Thanks for taking care of our friends!


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Tierannai is a radiation therapist. She works to keep people with cancer from getting more sick.


 Matthew is a doctor in the emergency room. He helps people when they need help right away. 


 Garrett is a firefighter and paramedic. He puts out fires and helps people when they’re hurt.


 Brennan is a plumber. His job is to make sure everyone has clean water coming from their taps. 


 Larissa is a social worker. She helps people talk about their feelings to make their lives better. 


 Flora is a respiratory therapist. She helps kids or babies who have trouble breathing on their own. 


 Jessica is a medic and a nurse. She works outside the city to make sure folks in the country are safe.


 Marc is a firefighter and paramedic. He drives in a big red firetruck to folks who need help. 


 Matt is a power line technician. He climbs hydro poles and rides in trucks to bring people electricity. 


Angie is a building manager. She makes sure people in apartments have what they need to stay safe. 


 Karen is a pharmacy technician. She makes sure people get the medicine they need to feel better. 


Ken is a farmer. He needs to go to work so he can make plenty of food to share with us. 


 Michelle is an early childhood educator. She creates a safe, fun and loving place for kids to learn.


Ange and Alana own Black Market Provisions. They make it easy to enjoy healthy meals at home.


Saru is a paramedic. She drives fast in an ambulance to help people who are hurt or very sick.


 Alana is a nurse. She helps deliver newborns and takes care of mothers and babies.


 Kristy is a nurse. She helps patients at the hospital and helps make them feel better.