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Same Great Product, New World

It’s time for schools to innovate, and we’re here to help.

When it comes to innovation, the person who knows what works best for your school is you. We’re simply here to help you take a step back, see exactly what you’re working with, and apply your resources to new situations.

We know how to turn distance into an opportunity to innovate — we even wrote a book about it. As experienced marketers, and the team behind an award-winning private school campaign, we know how to help schools like yours discover the brand and marketing opportunities that are uniquely available right now.


Change is happening quickly, so here are 3 activities that can help you turn this period of distancing into a period of innovation for your school. These activities came from our new book, The Proximity Paradox.


Take advantage of the freedom change brings and embrace a long-shot idea.


Pick an idea that seems likely to fail but excites you anyway. Use this silly, quirky, or ambitious idea as an opportunity to unleash your entire team’s creativity — while having some fun in the process. Keep the budget small, set a deadline to keep a sense of excitement, and don’t listen when logic tells you to stop. Consider it an investment in learning and see the project through to the end. Your project may not become a smashing success, but celebrate either way. After all, even a failure could spark a great idea.



Look to your students for your next big idea.

Let your students step into the role of consultant for the day. The beauty of consultants is that they can help you see your own work in a fresh new way — unhindered by politics or past failures and successes. Who better to take a fresh look at your organization than your own students? Invite them to come and give recommendations, exactly as you would a consultant, and wait for the ideas to roll in.



Tap into your best resource — your own team.

Empower your team to bypass obstacles within your own organization by hosting a hackathon (no actual hacking required). Shake up who your team is working with and how they are working. Allow your employees to form teams of people they don’t normally work closely with, give them a time limit, and make it a competition. Pick a project that is attainable and clearly articulated, and allow participants to chase any idea they want it doesn’t matter how farfetched it may seem. By shaking up routine and lasering-in your team’s focus, you'll give them the freedom to distance themselves from limitations, chase solutions and unleash their creativity.

If you like what you see and want to learn more, we'll come to you. Send us an email to book a webinar for your school or teacher association today.

Tap into your student’s insights today and download a free Junior Consulting Day worksheet.

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Kiirsten May and Alex Varricchio, authors of The Proximity Paradox

Alex Varricchio and Kiirsten May are the owners of UpHouse, an award-winning marketing firm in Canada.


They have recently published a leadership and marketing book, The Proximity Paradox, and launched Crainstorm, a crowdsourced brainstorming web app that allows people to gather insight and ideas from marketers and other innovators. 


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