Use your online presence to delight, educate and reward your audiences.

UpHouse understands that nuances of the digital world are ever changing, but the key to success has always been the same, we’ll help make sure you’re easy for your customers to find and that your content is worth finding.

We’re here to help you define the kinds of people that you want to attract online and create a plan that both fits your needs, and matches your ability to maintain it consistently over time. We don’t believe that there’s a secret sauce for online success to keep for ourselves, instead we work toward empowering you to take the lead in making informed decisions about the latest digital tools and trends.


Whether you want support with your current site, require a site refresh or need something completely new, we can help you develop a website that is optimized for usability and performance.


We build websites with an impactful  design that will turn visitors into customers. Plus, we’ll make sure that you have everything you need to maintain your site and measure its success over time.



Understanding the value of online advertising and how campaigns are built is essential when planning your digital marketing strategy.


Based on your goals, we’ll implement a systematic approach to achieve the best possible return on investment across paid social, video, search and display advertising platforms. This way, you can join in the conversation in social spaces, impress your customers with a share-worthy video, be there when your audience is searching for answers and boost awareness and consideration with display advertising aimed at relevant online content and audiences.



Social media requires the kind of time and effort that few in-house teams have to spare, but we can help by creating strategic content recommendations for your audiences and introducing your team to tools that help make social media management simple.


You can connect with the right target audiences through your social media channels with engaging content that helps build a quality audience and increase your advocates online.



Email marketing can be used to increase brand awareness and keep your brand top of mind by providing valuable content that speaks to the needs and wants of your audiences.


It can also be used to promote campaigns, move leads through the sales funnel or serve as a reminder for people to check your site for updates. We create and deliver email communications that will enable your organization to connect with your audiences—right to their inbox. 



There are many tactics that can be used to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), all of which build off of each other to make it easier for your audience to discover your products or services.


We can help you address and implement on-site and off-site SEO tactics that will help drive traffic to your website—but remember, it doesn’t matter how many people get pushed to your website if your visitors aren’t finding the solutions they need.


If you’d like to discuss the obstacles you’re facing without the high-pressure sales pitch, book a chat with Alex.


We’re happy to help you talk through the potential next steps that you can take (with or without us) to get things moving. Even if we’re not a fit, you’ll get some free ideas and we’ll get better insights into the problems facing in-house marketers today.