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In this whitepaper, we look at how innovation can be negatively affected when you benchmark against your closest competitor. Often, you need to look beyond your competitors if you want to compete more effectively.

Do you have a habit of looking over your shoulder?

In highly competitive fields and sectors, it’s tempting to focus only on your competitors. This mindset can lead to two problems. First, it keeps you focusing on the past (what someone has already produced and put out to the world), rather than your vision for the future. Second, if you’re entirely focused on a few key competitors, you won’t notice the player at the fringes. The fringes are where disruptors are born.

Find your new source for inspiration

History's most celebrated breakthroughs rarely came from someone inside the industry. Louis Pasteur was a chemist – not a biologist, let alone an expert in invertebrates – when he discovered the cause of silkworm disease and saved the French silk industry in 1870. The Wright brothers were bicycle makers until they built the first successful airplane. Where will your industry's next breakthrough come from?

It’s easy to answer the question, "How can we solve this challenge in a faster, funnier, or smarter way than our competitor?" It’s a lot harder to answer the question, "How can we solve this challenge in a way that makes our customers lives easier?"

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