The Case for Space

Using distance to generate

new ideas for your business.

In this webinar, we'll explore 3 innovation activities that can help you uncover new opportunities for your business.

Understand your innovation and execution ceiling, and know when each is in play.

We'll explain how to hold a disruptor brainstorm with your team. In this activity, you'll ignore the constraints you normally wrestle with, dial back your industry knowledge, and think about the game in a different way.


Cultivate a healthy relationship with failure to uncover what you're truly capable of.

We’ll explain how to launch a small, potentially doomed initiative. In this activity, you’ll brainstorm an idea to bring to market quickly, destigmatize failure, and learn a lot through the process.


Recognize how the expectations of current customers differ from those of prospective ones.

We'll explain how to find the middle ground of customer happiness. In this activity, you’ll map out existing customer needs and future customer needs. Then, you’ll brainstorm initiatives to access new markets while protecting the loyalty of current customers. 

Join us Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 1PM (CDT) and take the first step toward improving your business by registering your spot today.

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Alex Virricchio and Kiirsten May

Alex Varricchio and Kiirsten May are the owners of UpHouse, an award-winning marketing firm in Canada.


They have recently published a leadership and marketing book, The Proximity Paradox, and launched Crainstorm, a crowdsourced brainstorming web app that allows people to gather insight and ideas from marketers and other innovators. 


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