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Canada Webinar

Are you looking to cut marketing costs without sacrificing your results?

American in-house marketers can save on agency fees by using agencies in Canada and taking advantage of the U.S. and Canadian exchange rates.


Register below to attend our March 24 Webinar at 12:00 CDT 

so you can learn how to benefit from, and manage your relationship with, a Canadian marketing agency.

Explore what the True North has to offer, from the lowest of rates to the highest of quality, and get tips on managing a remote relationship with your marketing agency.

Exchange Rates,
Not Quality​


You probably know that the Canadian dollar is only worth a fraction of the American dollar, but did you know that Canadian agencies also tend to have lower hourly rates than American agencies?

That Good Cold Creativity

Canadians are innovators, and not just when it comes to finding creative ways to stay warm. Much like you, we're used to putting our problem-solving skills to work from the dead of winter to the blistering heat of peak mosquito season – and our work shows similar range. 

Like You,

Just Smaller


As Canadians, we're raised on American pop culture and regular culture too. We watch the same news, stream the same shows, and laugh at the same jokes. There's a reason Canada is used as the setting for so many American movies, our cities and people are virtually indistinguishable from yours. There's just fewer of them.

Staying Flexible, Respecting Local

We were used to working remotely even before it was cool (or required). We're ready to meet your timelines. Need local feet on the ground? We're experts in finding and managing creative talent from around the world. We'd love for you to be our next long-distance relationship.

We’re UpHouse, an international
award-winning Canadian marketing agency that’s ready to help you rescue your marketing budget. 

Diverse Supplier Classification
Certification Number: CGLCC011018

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Alex Varricchio is the co-owner of UpHouse, an award-winning marketing firm in Canada.


With co-owner Kiirsten May, he has recently published a leadership and marketing book, The Proximity Paradox, and launched Crainstorm, a crowdsourced brainstorming web app that allows people to gather insight and ideas from marketers and other innovators. 

Diverse Supplier Classification
Certification Number: CGLCC011018