Create relevant brand experiences for your audience every time, everywhere.

UpHouse helps you establish a deeper connection with your audiences. We’ll work with you to shape an authentic story by truly identifying with your customers and business.

Whether your organization is starting fresh, branding, rebranding, changing direction, merging or targeting a new audience, we offer powerful tools to jumpstart your marketing and align your organization around your shared purpose, core values, vision and mission.


Modern brands are more than just quality guarantees: they go beyond a simple transaction,  instead shaping the customer's identity and rallying a community around a shared passion. This is key to differentiating your products and services from that of the competition.


It doesn’t matter if you’re leading a Fortune 500 company or a solo entrepreneur, we’ll start with a workshop that’s structured to your needs, then build a brand platform that will distinguish you from industry rivals and connect your brand to stakeholders. 



The look and feel of your brand or offering should be a symbolic and logical embodiment of what sets you apart.

If your visual identity needs a refresh, we'll use your brand platform to guide the design of your logo and supporting elements. We’ll also deliver a brand handbook and graphic standards manual that your team can use to champion the brand going forward.



Audience development is key in identifying the best way to effectively broaden your reach.


We place a strong emphasis on identifying the right audience for your organization’s products or services to ensure that your message is never wasted on a disinterested market. By leveraging what you already know about your strongest converters, we’ll construct a detailed and actionable plan for achieving a range of audience targets.



Your organization works hard to support supplier diversity within their supply chain, and consumers should get to see the work you’re doing.


People want to align with brands that are doing good in the world. We can help you tell that story in an authentic and genuine way that lets both your customers and your industry know why diversity matters.


If you’d like to discuss the obstacles you’re facing without the high-pressure sales pitch, book a chat with Alex.


We’re happy to help you talk through the potential next steps that you can take (with or without us) to get things moving. Even if we’re not a fit, you’ll get some free ideas and we’ll get better insights into the problems facing in-house marketers today.