Digital Visibility Plan

Use digital channels to stay in view with marketing that delights, educates and rewards your customers.

Digital Visibility Plan

A detailed plan to stay in view with digital marketing that delights, educates and rewards customers

Every organization is thinking about their online brand, and in-house marketers are often stuck in one of two quagmires: either the company thinks the website is sufficient, or it simply wants to be on social media because the competitors are. It’s hard to know what success looks like in either situation. That’s where we can help.

A good digital strategy is like an inviting campfire that attracts users and then delights, retains and rewards them. We can help you plan and build your campfire and define the kinds of users you want to attract. We’ll look at the best digital platforms to carry your brand and then develop integrated digital marketing plan around the capabilities of your team.

  • To develop your Digital Visibility Marketing Plan, we will collaborate to achieve the following:

    • Define digital marketing success using the SMART goals framework
    • Create detailed customer personas and their steps to a successful engagement or conversion
    • Brainstorm digital tactics to move users along the path
    • Create a content calendar, posting schedule and paid-promotion plan
    • Set up a system to measure success, analyze the data and make adjustments
  • The strategy will come with everything you need to execute it, including the following:

    • Persona biographies and storyboards outlining their paths to conversion
    • Messaging matrix for digital tactics as well as creative considerations
    • A detailed content calendar with key dates, tactics, owners and objectives
    • Best practices for creating content, managing channels, responding to comments and nurturing leads